About me

Tianyi Chen is a PhD student from Boston University advised by Charalampos Tsourakakis. He received a Master degree in computer science from Boston University in Jan 2019. Prior to that, he earned his bachelor degree in Software Engineering from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China. His research is under the graph mining area, with topics including dense subgraph discovery, graph motifs, opinion dynamics, and graph anomaly detection.


  • Apr, 2024: Successfully defend my thesis “Dense Subgraph Discovery: Novel Algorithms and Applications”. Big thanks to my advisor Babis! photo

  • May, 2023: Start Algo Dev (Quant) internship at Hudson River Trading.

  • May, 2023: Our paper ‘Densest Diverse Subgraphs: How to Plan a Successful Cocktail Party with Diversity’ has been accepted at KDD 2023

  • Aug, 2022: Extend the tweet recommendation project at Twitter as a part-time intern during fall semester

  • Aug, 2022: Our paper ‘Polarizing Opinion Dynamics with Confirmation Bias’ has been accepted at SocInfo 2022

  • June, 2022: Start internship at Twitter Relevance Platform - Representation team

  • May, 2022: Our paper ‘Algorithmic Tools for Mining the Motif Structure of Networks’ has been accepted at ECML-PKDD 2022

  • May, 2022: Our paper ‘Edge-Colored Directed Subgraph Enumeration on the Connectome’ has been accepted at Nature - Scientific Reports

  • May, 2022: We get married!

  • May, 2022: Our paper ‘AntiBenford Subgraphs: Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Financial Networks’ has been accepted at KDD 2022

  • Dec, 2021: Our paper ‘Dense and well-connected subgraph detection in dual networks’ has been accepted at SDM 2022

  • May, 2021: Start internship at Google Cloud SafeBrowsing team.

  • June, 2020: Start internship at Google Ads Botnet team.

  • May, 2019: Start internship at Google Ecosystem(Anroid) Marmot team.

  • Jan, 2019: Join the team of Prof. Kozinsky as a research assistant.